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As a self-taught painter with a background in Landscape Architecture and Anthropology, I bring a diverse range of influences and experiences to my artistic practice. A proud native of Miami and Cuban-American, I draw inspiration from the rich tropical city environment and its cultures which have shaped my identity. Having lived in Amsterdam for five years, I experienced a profound liberation from societal pressures, which ignited my fervor for painting and self-expression. This newfound freedom allowed me to shed layers of identity and reconnect with my creative essence. My work is deeply influenced by the vibrant energy of Miami, my Caribbean heritage, and the psychological depths of human experience. Through a fusion of psychology, mythology, and personal narrative, I strive to create large-scale public artworks that resonate with the human soul, offering a beacon of meaning and solace in chaotic times. ​In my artistic practice, I embody an instinctual, almost maternal, approach to creation. Each artwork I produce is akin to giving birth, a blend of ecstasy and pain, where I infuse my innermost memories, emotions, and moods into every piece. Much like children, each piece possesses its own unique essence, yet ultimately belongs to the world, inviting viewers to forge a personal connection with their soul. For me, painting is a mysterious journey of birth, death, and rebirth, a process that continually fuels my passion to create. My work delves into the complexities of human relationships, drawing inspiration from depth psychology, intuition, and instinctual emotions. Through the metaphorical representation of figures and landscapes, I aim to excavate and articulate inner psychological landscapes, offering a space for both personal reflection and collective understanding. Ultimately, my artistic practice serves as a medium for communication and freedom in all its forms, inviting viewers to explore the depths of their own psyche and inspire their own expression.​​​

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